Michael Allen Gould and Jon Fixmer, two stand-out musicians from the Chicago area, teamed up during the summer of 2006 with the objective of creating a musical monster Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of. Inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Tool, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Queensryche; the two songwriters began their quest to put the pieces of their monster band together. Songs were written, graveyards were scavenged, and new limbs were attached. Finally, the switch was thrown and a powerful stream of electricity surged through the beast's convulsing body and brain. Shows were played and the monster's electric current blazed from the stage leaving fans dazed and out of breath to proclaim...

          "The Monster...Is Alive!"

Spyderbone is one of the most powerful heavy rock bands I've seen come out of Chicago in many years"- The late, great Joe Kelley of "The Shadows of Knight"

"On first hearing I have to say that Spyderbone just crushed my skull on a wall of Marshall Amp’s and raped the remains!! I was really blown away with the level of musicianship these guys have brought to the mighty metal table"-Pagan Tordengrav (Demented Magazine) 

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"Wolves In The Temple"

"Bloodshot" by Spyderbone